Monday, December 20, 2010

Faith Lost and Found

I am a Bahá'í. That is the youngest independent world religion, and you can find out more about it here. I haven't been practicing my faith lately, and I think that is certainly one reason behind how I've been feeling lately.

I haven't lost faith in God. I believe that there is a God. I see that belief as a choice - I could just as easily not believe in God. But believing in God serves me well.

I see God as unconditional love, as inspiration and encouragement to be myself, as a truth that tells me I am precious and sufficient no matter what. But if you've been reading some of my recent posts, you have seen that that faith in myself has been missing.

One thing I love about being Bahá'í is that I am responsible for my own understanding of my faith. I am expected to use my reason to support my spiritual development. I might have understandings and specific beliefs that differ from other Bahá'ís, but that's okay. I really like that!

I now feel that I need to turn to God to fill up my love bucket. Even though I think of God as external to me, I also think of God as part of me. And allowing myself to be loved by God is the first step to loving me. After all, God's love is unconditional and everpresent - I just have to seek it out. And the same goes for loving myself.

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