Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Attempted Break-in!!

Some idiots tried to rob us!

We weren't home at the time, but our neighbours heard some suspicious noises. They looked out their window, and saw a couple of guys in our backyard. Then they heard a window break. They called the police immediately.

Another neighbour's teenage daughter was home alone, and heard about the police being called, so she called her older brother and told him about it, and asked him to come home.

He came, with his friend, his friend's large dog, and carried a screwdriver as a potential defensive weapon. They went over to our garden, and nothing seemed to be going on. They walked around again, and the police met them. The police arrested them as the suspects!

When we got home about 3 hours later, the father of the young man picked up by the police came over to our car to let us know what happened. I'm glad he did, because it was a bit upsetting to walk in even knowing what had happened.

No one actually came in, so of course nothing was stolen. But there was broken glass all over our back-door entry area, which is basically our kitchen/dining area. There was a huge stone in the kitchen, and a big dent in our fridge. The glass-setters had already been by, arranged by the police, and have put up temporary glass. But of course the temporary solution isn't weatherproof, and it is cold and drafty by the window now.

J went to the police station to file a report, even though we saw and know nothing. Filing a report with no information took him almost 45 minutes. He just shook his head that filling in paperwork takes so long, even when there is nothing to fill in!

So, we're shaken but not stirred. We're still walking carefully with shoes on, even though I am pretty sure I cleaned up every shard. I guess that careful feeling will last a while. I'm looking forward to moving back into an apartment when we get around to moving though!

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