Saturday, February 5, 2011

Frenchy Frencherson Here

I mentioned earlier that my French level had been assessed and I was going to start taking French lessons. Sigh. It became very complicated with my work, as I had to arrange to have someone cover half my shift on the one day per month I work on a Friday afternoon. Then the person in charge of the schedules wasn't too happy with splitting the shifts, although she agreed with me that it wasn't reasonable that I not take the class because of having to work once per month on a Friday. That conversation didn't go to well, although I was already upset due to the drama with A, so it's hard to know what it was that caused the problem.

After all that, the class got cancelled.

I was so disappointed, I almost burst into tears. I called the school, and the receptionist said that there was no space in any other class for me. I wasn't too happy about it, so she passed on my concerns to the teacher. But, we were headed out for our vacation, and I couldn't connect with the teacher.

Coincidentally, I was near the school the week after we got back from Lisbon, and had about 20 minutes before I had to head off for my next appointment, so I decided to drop in. Even more coincidentally, just after I explained my challenge to one of the receptionists, one of the French teachers who had evaluated me called in for another reason. Of course she remembered me... my French language challenge was interesting enough to stand out!

The solution was for me to take a similar class on Thursday afternoons. There is no conflict with my work schedule, although it does make for a long day - class from 1-4, and then work from 6-midnight. It's a 40 minute cycle each way, so I have to plan ahead for lunch, snacks and dinner.

But just wait for the next post so I can tell you how great it is!

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