Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fun and Frustration

Today was such an interesting day! I spent half of it with a friend, having a most leisurely lunch and then wandering around sort-of shopping, sort-of talking, sort-of just looking around. I really enjoy this person, I find her energy and enthusiasm contagious.

Then I came home, had my dinner, and played a new boardgame with my husband. Yikes! I got frustrated. The game was a bit complicated and it was the first time I'd played, and I got frustrated that I did so badly. Then I got mad at my husband because I thought he was laughing at me and thought I was stupid. (Poor guy didn't stand a chance!)

Once I calmed down, we tried to figure out what made the experience so overwhelmingly frustrating for me.

Pretty simple really. Fatigue and unreasonable expectations.

I plan to work on getting better rest. I also want to stop expecting myself to ace a new game full stop, especially after a wonderful, yet busy, afternoon with a friend!

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