Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lovin' Me!

I've decided to study this prayer for a while as my way of reconnecting with God. I think it's perfect because of the words "I beg Thee to forgive me for shutting myself out from Thee." I have been the one to turn away from the love and happiness in life. It was only temporary, but that turning away was born of bad habits built up over time. And my new habit is to turn towards God.

I currently see God as an ever-shining sun, full of love and warmth and joy. My job for now is to just turn to God. In the future I will move towards God, and do my best to reflect that love and joy. But for now, just turning towards love and life and happiness is enough.

I have so much to celebrate. I married the best guy ever, I have wonderful friends and family, and I meet more wonderful people all the time. I am curious and interested in my own life and that of others. I can't wait to find out what fresh discoveries and joys and interests I will uncover. Now isn't that a great reason to get out of bed?

And all of this is in service of me. Loving me is the first step to making the world a better place. I think my friend who suggested I only give my 'extra' away had it right. If I give away what I don't need, I can spread my happiness... it's only when I give away what I do need that I become dependent on others.

I am so lucky to have to love and guidance of others to help me find myself, and blessed to have the intelligence and big heart to recognize how lucky I am!

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