Monday, December 27, 2010

Public Privacy

A friend mentioned today that they thought I share an awful lot on Facebook. This blog automatically posts there (which I hadn't entirely realized - technology seems to be gaining on me in recent years). And I am pretty open on my own anyways, without all the detail provided by blogging.

So I have given it some thought. I think Facebook is to keep social connections open, and I love it for that. I love having an idea of what my friends and family are up to, and seeing pictures of their lives. But now that I think about it, posting this blog on Facebook is a bit much.

I didn't see a conflict originally, because I only have friends and family on Facebook. But even so, I don't need to force-feed details of my convoluted inner-workings to anyone. Besides, all my FB friends know me well enough to already be sure that if it's important at the time, whatever it is that's on my mind will come up in conversation anyway. I am not one to keep much to myself... although I am working on that too!

And I think one thing that I struggle to make clearly distinct is that most of the stuff I talk about is more symbolic than actual. Yes, the situations are real, but what interests me is what they mean. For example, I got hurt, and I think it's because someone said or did something that hurt me. But that is just the beginning... what's really interesting is why!! Down every path a why might lead, I wish to walk at least a little ways.

But I won't be doing that on Facebook anymore.

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