Friday, December 17, 2010

Step Up or Step Down

I was just giving some thought (and tears) to how disappointed I am to find out that some of the friends I thought were true have recently become, or shown themselves to be, fair-weather. And I was feeling very sorry for myself indeed. But then... my amazing and creative mind took me in a new direction, and I thought of the friends that I really hadn't expected much from but who have stepped up to offer me a little extra in my time of need.

Now I didn't expect much from these people for a number of reasons. Some I have always had a nice feeling for, but had never deepened the friendship particularly. Some I haven't seen in years. Some I don't keep in regular contact with. And some I just thought of as 'lighter' people, more casual... but who clearly have surprising depths, at least surprising to me.

It is too bad that my judgement of some is so off. I've been rudely disappointed to find out that people I loved through-and-through have turned out to be untrustworthy, or unreliable, or just plain selfish. But what I now realize is most interesting are the people that I saw as more peripheral to my life, who have taken this opportunity to make a difference and offer me kindness. I wonder what other wonderful things I will see if I focus on the pleasant surprises instead of the unpleasant ones.

I wonder if I can keep my focus.

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