Sunday, January 9, 2011

Feeling Blue

I got my period today. After quite some goings-on last night, which included another night of not enough sleep. So with the cramps and the hormones and the cravings, I've had better days.

I'm feeling quite lonely. I have made a couple of real friends here, and have reconnected with a great friend back in Canada. I have a wonderful husband whose company I enjoy. But I miss how easy life was - or at least, how easy it appears in my memories.

I wish life was less complicated. I wish that former-friend who has stopped talking to me would have first returned the keys to my apartment to my family members. I feel a lot of pressure to try to figure out how to deal with her odd behaviour so that my family gets the keys. I need to have someone a bit more *ahem* mature available to handle anything that comes up regarding my apartment back in Canada.

I wish I knew where to go to do the things I like to do. I wish I was just a tidge more enthusiastic about trying things on my own. I wish I knew more people who like to do stuff I can just tag along with, as then I don't have to figure stuff out or try things on my own.

I wish I had a large steak and several bars of chocolate in the house.

I wish I knew how to change my attitude, and just enjoy myself!!

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