Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Married the Best Guy Ever

I've been married two years now. I am still surprised to this day at what a great choice I made when I chose him.

He thinks I'm wonderful and interesting. I can do no wrong. Well, I can annoy him, and he doesn't like how I behave sometimes, but he still thinks I get up in the morning and hang out the sun.

He is interested when I'm sobbing and snotting about something, when I'm angry, when I'm happy, and when he hasn't seen me for a few hours. He wants to help me be happy, and will gladly make an effort to make my life easier. He appreciates all the things I do to make his life easier and more joyful.

What I love most about our relationship is that I know all of those qualities he shows are his choice. He chooses to be interested in me, he chooses to make the effort for us to work, he chooses to appreciate me.

And he's sexy as all get out!

I sometimes take him, and us, for granted. And when I catch myself doing that, I make the effort again to take an interest, to make the effort, to appreciate him. And he knows that I choose him, every day. At least, he better!!

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