Saturday, December 11, 2010

Excitement in the air!

I was just whining about how sucky things are because I am so moody and frustrated lalala... but I have come up with some pretty cool ideas about what I can try to break this sucky pattern!

First of all, the new year is coming up, and as I was shopping for a new appointment book, I found one called "Coach Jezelf Naar Succes" (Coach Yourself to Success), and that's the one I picked! It's full of practical questions and exercises that I find both lame and interesting. I tend to be a bit dismissive of thinking exercises, because thinking is easy for me (yeah, I'm that smart lol!) But it's the application of new habits, or at least trying on new habits, that has me intrigued. I am very curious about what I will learn about myself...

One thing I seem to have just recently learned is that my mood is negatively affected about 30 minutes later after eating deliciously chocolately goodness. Sigh. I only had half of the piece of cake, but I must admit, it was a very large piece to begin with! I also notice that drinking lots of water has a positive effect on my mood. I've read that drinking a lot of caffeine has a negative effect on your body, and I drink black tea like there's no tomorrow... I don't know if I am willing to cut it out, or even back, that much. On the other hand, as an experiment, it might be worth it.

I'm also going to work on loving myself. I already know I'm a great person, but I feel as though I want others to like me too much. If no one else but me in the whole wide world thinks I'm fantastic, then I want to be satisfied with that. How's that for a goal?

So, we'll see if some changes in my diet, and (sigh) my attitude will bring happiness a little closer to me on the sofa of life.

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