Monday, January 3, 2011

Pancake Fumes

I was very hungry today. I normally eat quite a bit, since I'm at least somewhat active, and I'm just shy of 6 feet. Today I ate breakfast, a snack, another snack, a meal, a snack, and another meal. All within 12 hours.

Due to being so hungry, I ate up most of the food in the house. For those of you familiar with Dutch kitchens, you know that there is only enough space in a Dutch kitchen for the food you are going to eat for the next 3-4 meals anyway. So I got creative. I'm trying to consume enough protein, which is actually difficult when you eat as much as I do. I'm considering trying out some kind of protein powder supplement, but it sounds so look-at-me-I'm-so-cool-with-my-protein-powder to me.

Anyway, I made pancakes, with 3 egg whites and 1 whole egg. They turned out really really well. I ate 4 large pancakes!! When J came home, he told me the whole house was full of pancake fumes. I didn't believe him. When we left to go to the grocery store, he pointed to the cat, snoring in the front window, and told me, "Look, the cat passed out from all the pancake fumes!" Ha ha funny guy.

Then we came home with the groceries, a full two hours since pancakes were made. And the house was full of pancake fumes.

I have never known pancakes to create fumes like that before. Could be that all pancakes give off fumes but I never noticed as I have never left the house shortly after cooking pancakes before only to return with a nose for the fumes. Or, possibly I stumbled upon a stinky-pancake recipe.

Not that that will stop me!!

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