Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Poo On My Shoes

Today I went to the gym. Usually I bring my sneakers, but I was running late so I just wore my sneakers.

The recent frost seems to have melted. I know this because the unpleasant odor coming from my shoes was thanks to my cat. The one that wants to go outside all the time. Now I know why.

She likes to go poo just outside the door to our shed, where I keep my bike. Nice.

I hate gardening, but I guess I'll have to go out with the shovel and shovel up cat poos along with any weeds I can dig up. I feel that since we moved into this house, I've done nothing but dig up weeds. I had no idea how much work a garden is. Next house will be an apartment! No stairs, which my knees don't like, and no garden!!! And, bonus... no cat poos!

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