Thursday, February 24, 2011

So. Tired. Mind. and. Body.

I have been so tired the last few days. And by tired, I mean fatigue that gets in the way of life. A little bit of tired, well, we're all used to that from time to time. Extra tired, a day or two is doable with a few hours catch-up sleep. But I'm talking the kind of tired that makes it hard to socialize because I've lost my train of thought, and I don't get jokes because my mind just isn't going fast enough to catch them! The kind of tired where I sit down with a cup of a tea and wake up when it's gone cold. And worse, the kind of tired that makes me crave sugar, caffeine, bread and fatty foods. Because those foods always help a person feel full of the 3Vs.

(You know, vim, vigor, and vitality. The 3Vs. Get it??)

But, I'm doing my best to drink lots of water, limit the foods that come to mind, and stick to foods that I know are good for my mind and body. Let me tell ya, it ain't easy!

I get like this from time to time. It does seem to happen around the time my period is due. And just for fun, some nausea-inducing rides on the emotional PMS roller-coaster get tossed in. It also seems to happen when I've pushed myself too hard.

Lately, I have been pushing myself a bit. Not too hard, or at least, so I thought. But I had to cancel plans with a friend this week because I needed to rest, so obviously I had put too much on my plate.

I find it so difficult to balance how I feel now and how I'll feel later when looking at my agenda. Sigh.

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