Friday, February 25, 2011

Thrilled! Just Thrilled!

Do I ever have some fantastic news!!

I have been offered a gig at my gym leading the Senioren Fit (obvious translation probably, but it's the Senior's Fitness) Monday mornings!

I'm a real personal trainer... with a JOB!

I still lack in confidence - but I'm like that. Until I am awesome at something, I think I suck. But my boss thinks I can do a great job, the seniors love me (awww) and I can improve my sports-Dutch as well as my ability to lead a group of really fun people. None of them are good followers, but they try and seem to like a little bit of change and challenge, so they'll keep me hopping!

There is also talk of another hour or two, as-needed, to work with individual clients on their own fitness programs.

I'm so pleased with myself and how my life is going. There are so many struggles I have every day, over small things such as laundry or what to have for dinner, but the big picture... man, is that ever a beautiful sight!

And I am learning about what really matters. I can be such a perfectionist, and I can lose sleep about things that might go wrong... or I can make another choice. I can see what a great life I have, how full it is with wonderful friends and family, and how it keeps getting better and better!!

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  1. Congratulation of the new gig, fantastic news!!!