Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Highs and Lows

Another exciting installment in my never-boring life! Today is the first day of the Baha'i 19 day fast. I have participated for four years now. The two years before that, I was too ill to participate, and before that, I wasn't Baha'i.

Every year there are some days out of the 19 days that I don't fast. That's because once a woman gets her period, she is exempt from fasting. And given a 28 day cycle, most likely one of the 19 days of the fast is affected.

This year, I'd really prepared myself well. I've been feeling extra-tired the past two weeks, and have gradually been taking it a bit easier. I got J to help me plan out my activities so that I'm not overwhelmed. And I hired a professional to help with my nutrition and my workouts in general, as I was frustrated with not as much progress as I expected in the gym.

But, halfway through the first day of the fast, I got my period. Thanks. A week late, and I hadn't brought any food with me. Sigh. Part of me is a bit relieved - and believe me, I feel guilty about that! I've just been running on empty for so long, I am afraid to even try things that might be difficult. Which is silly, because when it comes right down to it, fasting isn't that difficult. It's just a new habit for a short time.

So, the adjustments I'll make are to:
  1. just start the fast when my period ends.
  2. stick with my cardio training program 3x week.
  3. add in weights when I feel my energy improving.
  4. follow the general guidelines my trainer gave me for nutrition, but have an extra meal or two during the daylight hours until I start the fast.

And I'll keep working on doing enough - not everything, not all, not perfect. Just ENOUGH.

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