Saturday, May 14, 2011

What Not to Wear

When Sabrina was visiting last month, she got me hooked on TLC's What Not to Wear. I ferreted out as many online episodes as I could find, and watched until I could watch no more!

Several years ago, I was overstressed, overworked, and got into a car accident. I didn't seem to get better after the accident, in fact, I kept getting worse. I was eventually diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue sydrome. I was home for more than 2 years, unable to work. I have almost no memories at all of the first three months of my sick leave, which for me is quite strange since I have almost a play-by-play memory of most of my life! After that, I remember so much pain, and so much frustration. I remember not being able to wear most of my clothes because they were so difficult to put on. I remember not being able to prepare my own meals, or even go grocery shopping for a while. I lived within a 3 minute walk of about 10 restaurants, so I ate delivery or take-out. I became proud of myself for being able to walk 10 minutes to the library, and 10 minutes back, without needing a long nap to recover. A big change from my fit and busy lifestyle. With big consequences.

I gained a lot of body fat, and lost a lot of lean muscle mass. I had no place to go, so I didn't dress up. Getting dressed was a big effort anyways. I didn't stay in jammies all day, but my clothes were shapeless and baggy because anything tight hurt to wear. I couldn't stand up straight for most of this time, so my clothes didn't look that great anyways - bad posture never looks good!

I gained almost 25lbs during this time. From that point I have now lost 40lbs. Although I weigh less than I did before this started, my body fat percentage is higher. I'm also almost a decade older (sigh) and my body is not the same as it was! The clothes I had from before the car accident are out of style, most of them I left behind in Canada when I moved to Holland anyway. The clothes I bought here 2 years ago don't fit anymore either due to losing weight. I avoided shopping because I didn't think anything looked nice on me. Then I avoided shopping because I didn't know what was practical and fashionable. I have no real excuse because my MIL & SIL shop as a hobby. I can just let them know what I am looking for, they scour the stores for the right styles and sizes, and then bring me along on a shopping spree! But it's me lacking confidence in looking good that was the real problem.

Since my submersion (submission?) in WNTW, I've purchased a little jacket that can be used as an extra layer in case the weather gets a bit chilly all of a sudden, or inside if cool or just to be fashionable. It is AWESOME! It's got great frills along a deep-V neckline and a ruffle at the butt!! NO JOKE! In the second pic below, I look a little psycho. It happens sometimes when your husband is your photographer.

I also got a new spring jacket. Check THIS out!! As you can see, this coat is amazing! It can be worn with the shawl collar wide open, or closed in a cute little fold-over collar. I don't know if the pics really do it justice, it is amazing and I look ultra-amazing wearing it!!

My MIL and SIL helped me find the outdoor coat and it was so much fun shopping with them. The indoor jacket I found ALL BY MYSELF!

And the best part? I like how I look!

*Just to mystify matters, the jacket in the indoor shot is the outdoor jacket, and the jacket in the outdoor shot is the indoor jacket.


  1. J'adore ton veston et ton manteau. Le tout te va à merveille!!!

  2. Merci! Je trouve non seulement les beaux veston et manteau, mais aussi un certain confiance en soi!