Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm an observer

I follow quite a few blogs. I like to keep track of people I admire, or find interesting, or funny. A recent post by Benny the Irish Polyglot got me thinking. He was writing that in order to fully experience life you have to go out there and live. Just go do stuff and just go talk to people.

I do lots of stuff and talk to lots of people. But I don't feel my life would be more deeply experienced by doing more or interacting more. In fact, the idea of doing more is not appealing at all. I don't think my life would be enriched by being busier or engaging more... I really enjoy the time that I spend not engaging and not doing anything!!

I enjoy watching some TV shows because I like to peer into other people's (made-up) lives. I like to sit around chatting with friends because I like to watch their (real) lives unfold. If I was out hiking or riding camels with my friends, I'd hope for pictures to help me remember what happened. I know myself, and I pay attention to what happens between me and my friends - not to what's going on around me. That's one of the reasons why I get lost going to someplace I've been many times before - I never noticed the route, only the conversation of my travelling companion.

I am an observer! I watch people, I think about things, I share my opinions, values, ideas, thoughts... but I don't have a desire to get out there and be part of it all. I'm part of what I want to be part of, and I enjoy it.

I still try to do things (and take pictures) because I am pleased to have stories to share and experiences that show me who I am. But I don't think anyone can offer me a life I'd rather lead.

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